June 26, 2019

www.norton.com/nu16 | Install and Activate Norton Nu16

Is your computer running slow? Do applications take time to open? In case the answer is yes to any one of these problems, then you need to clean your computer completely. Moreover, you can easily improve your computer’s performance by downloading, installing, and activating the Norton Utilities 16 or NU16 setup at norton.com/nu16.

How Do You Download Norton NU16 Setup?

Norton Nu16

Here are the instructions mentioned below for downloading Norton Utilities 16 to use its benefits. Once you have checked the minimum requirements to download Norton NU16 setup, then you can start the download process.

•    Open the internet browser as per your choice.

•    Open the website ww.norton.com/nu16.

•    Sign in to the  Norton account by entering the email ID and password.

•    You should enter a correct email ID, and password and the email ID should be registered with Norton Utilities 16.

•    Press on the login option.

•    In case you are not a registered user, then click on the Sign Up option.

•    Otherwise, press on the Create an Account option.

•    Once you have logged in, open the Order History menu,

•    You will get the menu list of all the available Norton subscription on the screen.

•    Search for the Norton Utilities 16.

•    Press on the order details option.

•    Press on the Download option.

•    Then, press on the download URL provided in the Download Manager menu.

How Do You Install Norton NU16 Setup?

The installation procedure can be done after completing the download procedure of Norton NU16. Here are the instructions mentioned below to install the Norton Utilities 16 setup:

•    Go to the Utilities 16 setup download folder.

•    Click twice on the Norton NU16 setup.

•    Let the Norton NU16 setup gets open on the desktop.

•     Press on the Next option given in the installation window.

•    Go through the guidelines mentioned on display.

•    The installing process of Norton Utilities 16 will take a few minutes to complete on the system.

•    Let the installation procedure gets complete on the system.

•    Then, press on the Finish option once you have completed the installation procedure.

How Do You Activate Norton NU16 Setup?

Once you have downloaded and installed the Norton Utilities 16 setup, the next step you have to follow is for the activation procedure. Don’t forget to copy the product key beforehand.

•    Click on the norton.com/setup and login to find the product key.

•    Go to the Norton Utilities 16 setup which you have already installed on your device.

•    Now, you will get the prompt for activating the Norton NU16 setup.

•    Press on the Activate Now option.

•    Enter all the important information in the activation window.

•    Type the first or last name.

•    Type the email address registered with the Norton NU16.

•    Type the Norton Utilities 16 product key in the activation window.

•    Press on the Activate Now option.

•    Finally, go through the prompts mentioned on display.