How to Pin Contacts, Websites, Notes, and More in Start Menu

Instead of opening a browser and searching for a website, land on it directly as well as talk with a contact with one click, access anything that you frequently use with one click by simply pinning it to the Start menu or Taskbar menu. You can pin notes, email, contacts, websites, folders, settings, games, apps, and more in the Start menu, and the procedure for doing this is also simple. And you can remove (unpin) them from there whenever you want. In all versions of Microsoft Windows, you can use this feature as usual. Some software while installing on Windows automatically pin to the Start menu and Taskbar and some give the option to do this. Here is how to pin contacts, websites, notes, and more in Start Menu.

How to pin contacts in Start menu on Windows 10

If you’ve used a contact in the People app repeatedly and want to access it readily, just pin it to Start. Here is how.

1.    Launch the People app.

2.    Find the contact you want to pin to the Start.

3.    Right click on it and click ‘Pin to Start.’

Do the same procedure with other contacts you want to pin. They will get added to the menu, and you can access them there quickly. You can rearrange and remove them, as you need.

How to pin a website in the Start menu on Windows 10

The sites like Facebook, Gmail, or any other that you use regularly, can be pinned to the Start menu. And you can land on it directly from the pinned icon. Here are the steps to pin websites on Start with Microsoft Edge.

1.    Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

2.    Search and open the page you want to add to the Start.

3.    When the website or webpage opens, click on the Menu (Three-dot icon) button to open the Edge menu.

4.    Then click ‘Pin this page to start.’

A shortcut for opening that website or webpage will be added to the menu. Now, just click on it to land on the website.

How to pin notes in Start menu on Windows 10

OneNote app also allows the user to add a shortcut for notes to the Start. You can use this shortcut to open your notes easily.

1.    Launch the OneNote app.

2.    Select the note you want to pin to the Start and right click on it.

3.    Then click ‘Pin to Start’ in the popup menu.

Now, access your notes directly from the Start Menu.

How to pin email in Start menu on Windows 10

If you have multiple email accounts then to access them quickly, you can add their shortcuts to the Start. Instead, you can pin your email inbox to the Start menu, here is how.

1.    Decide what you want to pin to the Start, an account or folder.

2.    Locate to your desired account or folder.

3.    Right click on the account or folder that you’d like to access from Start menu.

4.    And select ‘Pin to Start.’

If you want to add more account or folder, repeat the process for it. Now, you can open your account or inbox right from the Start menu.

How to pin a folder from File Explorer to Start menu on Windows 10

Accessing a folder from deep storage takes much time; here is how to open them easily.

1.    Go to the location of the folder you want to add to the Start menu.

2.    When you’re there, right click on it.

3.    Then click ‘Pin to Start.’

A shortcut for the folder will be added to the Start menu. In the same way, you can add anything such as your favorite game or app to the Start and launch it from there.


•    Click and drag the pinned items in the Start menu to arrange them.

•    Right click on the pinned items and select ‘Unpin from the start’ to remove.

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