HBO’S Watchmen: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most highly praised comic books of all time Watchmen is being adapted into a new TV show by HBO. After GOT ended this year with mixed feelings amongst the fanbase, HBO would be looking to make a strong comeback with the new show.  With Superhero genre currently being a hit amongst the TV series, it is undoubtedly a good move by HBO. Alan Moore is the writer of the original comic series, and Dave Gibbons was the illustrator for the series which was released first in 1986. In 2009 a movie adaptation attempt was made by Zack Snyder after several tries, but the effort left with mixed reviews among the viewers and box office.

So the rumors in 2017 about the comic book being adapted in a TV series was a bit surprising, to say the least. While Zack’s movie adaptation did not do exceptionally well at the box office, it was still a faithful adaptation. Although the movie had some changes and it was released almost eight years ago, the question remained what new could the TV show add? But as Damon Lindelof, the showrunner explained that his version is not exactly an adaptation but somewhat of a remix. Which is going to use the existing comic narrations to create something entirely new.

The show is set to be released in October on HBO. Even though the show crew has been secretive about the show’s details, here are some details regarding the show that we know.

The Show Cast

The show has an impressive cast which includes the likes of Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Tim Nelson, and Regina King.  Most of the roles are currently unknown, but we do know that Regina will play the lead role of Angela Abar, while Jeremy Irons is going to play the villain Adrain Veidt.

The Crew

Damon Lindelof, the showrunner, is best known for co-creating Lost alongside JJ. Abrams. His other well-acclaimed work consists series such as The Leftovers and the script for Star Trek and Prometheus. Nicole Kassell, who has previously worked on The Americans and Vinyl, has directed the first episode of the series.

The “Remix” part

The upcoming show is noted for not being an exact adaptation of the comic books. It is said to be a continuation of the previously set themes and story.  It was explained back in 2017 by the showrunner Lindelof with a lengthy Instagram post. While the story is not going to be repeated but Lindelof hinted saying that they are going to re-explore the past and the show is canon to the original story.

The Story

The show crew has been secretive about not letting any plot details slip out in the open. However, after analyzing the trailer and Damon’s TCA panel, we can tell you that the main conflict is going to be between the police and The Seventh Calvary, which is a white supremacist group.

Trailer and Expectations

There is an official trailer available on HBO’s YouTube channel, and you can watch it there. The show is expected to be a hit because of the already existing fanbase and the well-known cast.

When to Watch?

The show is going to premiere on HBO this October. The exact date is yet unknown, but hopefully, we will find it out soon.

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